Washington State

by Ben Averch

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Drawing upon both the molten metal of early '90s grunge in Seattle and the futurist, high-I.Q. progressive rock of Rush and Yes, Averch raises the bar for today's modern rock bands. The only difference is that Averch doesn't have a group. Each note on "Washington State" was played by Averch himself. If you didn't know that, it's doubtful that you would've figured it out as Averch has exceptional skills.

Much has been written about Rush being a super-powered trio, but what can you say about a solo act such as Averch, who can minimize Pearl Jam's amp wallop on "Reset the Clock" without any additional player? Averch must be an octopus, each tentacle having mastered every instrument, from guitar to drums to Moog synthesizer to bass.

This is a truly impressive effort, produced with muscle and smarts.

--Roger "Red" Byrne


released May 5, 2006

Ben Averch: Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals

Music and lyrics by Ben Averch
Produced and Engineered by Ben Averch
Recorded and Mixed at BaverchNW Studios, Sammamish WA August 2005 - April 2006

Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios, Seattle WA April 2006

Special assistance by Chris Honcoop
Photography by Daniella Theoret, A. Lee Bennett Jr., Chris Honcoop, Ben Averch, Alycia Averch et al.

Art Direction by Ben Averch

This record is dedicated to Alycia, Brady and Leilani. I love you!



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Ben Averch Seattle

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Track Name: Reset the Clock
When I let go of the things I think I need
I see them falling in the wind and rain
When I awaken to the morning I'm in the grip of time again
It's so easy to know what's coming
It's so easy to hit fast forward
And experience nothing real
And experience only imagining

Open up to the sun and the clouds
Open up to the spinning world around
When I'm closed down and I'm crowded out
I've forgotten what my life's about
When it goes down and I'm all alone
I hear your voice it's calling me back home

Reset the clock to morning
Reset my chances again
And the light that's coming through the clouds Is frozen in the wind and the rain
I just want this all to mean something
I just want to find a way to be real
And not be spending days in life afraid to know how I feel

Everytime I feel like I've got nothing left
Everything around me starts to feel compressed
Time and space just swirl around me endlessly
Without your love I'd never know where I should be

Open up to the shattering sky
As the red-tailed hawk begins to cry
It's a promise that I need to make
To find the center of the lake
Where the water will renew me and the energy flows through me
And the meaning in my life is to find the meaning in my life
Track Name: In a Dream State
In a dream state, you find that you can elevate
In your mind's eye, there's visions of a see-through sky
Moving closer to my true state
Without a reason to investigate
The energy I'm giving and receiving
Illusions I'm believing

You know I can't wait
In my true state
Pulled to elevate
In a dream state

When you capture that lucid thought
Do you know where it came from?
With our antennas up we are receiving
When your waves are synchronized
And you're living between the time
With our hearts wide open
We're who we really are

Layers of ego and pride discarded
Layers of memory laying divided
Dream state, is it my true state?
Track Name: Cloud Cover
In the chaos of time that's strung together
Without a pause to beat it back
Somewhere there's a silent moment
In my mind's whirl and my heart's attack
Looking out at all that the world is
The crush of cars, and roads and buildings
Makes you want to fly away
But you can't fly in the daytime
And you can't hope to know your dreams
As the present tense slips through the seams

Awake under the cloud cover
I'm standing in the misty rain
As hills erupt in all directions
I just want to see you again

Wrapped around my heart
Stolen away by a phantom fear
I know that you are near me
When everything I've known just disappeared Lingering over the hillside
Like a blanket pulled up by the trees
I can't think of anywhere else to be
In the moment now, I can almost see you
I can almost hear your voice
And everything only you or I could remember

Burning through the cloud cover
Here comes the mighty sun
To bathe us all in waves of hope for change
To bring about what is to come

When the dream ends and you're up with the sun again
And the rain falls you can already see the future
Track Name: Life Size
Don't think so much, just do what you need to do
Don't hurt so much about the things that you been through
Don't care so much, these things don't define you
Just raise on up and leave the pain all behind you

You can stare up the steps
You can step up the stairs
You can dream about the distance
Or move yourself to there
Below the surface tension and behind your tired eyes
The truth about existence is bigger than life sized

Don't ask so much from the world that's outside you
Don't look so much back to the trails behind you
Don't burn so much, too many holes in the ceiling
Just give on up to the flow of your feeling

Just keep moving, don't you ever stop
Just keep driving, through the tear drops
The only thing you need to do is realize what you can do
To keep rising, don't you ever stop
Track Name: Through the Chain Reaction
If anything should happen to me, I want you to know this
I've always loved you, all this time it's been true
And every time I think of you
And all the crazy things we've been through
I smile and I wish that we would live forever

Take me with you through the chain reaction
The other side of the event horizon

If I should disappear tomorrow, I hope I might exist somewhere
And maybe we can be together, vanished into air
I'm still dreaming of the lifetimes we'll never get to know
C'mon darling take me with you, wherever you should go
Nobody knows where the time goes

Nobody knows where the light flows
Nobody's waiting with an answer
The beginning and ending of our nature
Track Name: Sandcast
Darkness falls around you and you can't see where you are
And the swirling winds surround you
There's a shadow in your heart
No one's making any difference
No one's there to hear you call
It doesn't matter what the reason is
You're past the edge you know you'll fall

It's the time for your revival
It's the time to hold your ground
It's the key to your survival
To hold tight to the peace you've found

Hearing all the echoes laughing in the faded past
You're left dreaming of the yesterdays you always hoped would last
Your aching heart can't bear to beat
Can't see no light, can't feel no heat

There's no other way
There's no other way

Cast your hopes and dreams into a grain of sand
Soaking in the sunlight on the beach
The tide comes in, the waves are crashing down
They'll pull you in their wake
And all the dreams you make will find momentum now
When you surrender to the world somehow

There can always be a moment
To decide you're gonna stop
And realize that you're living
In the world of what is not
Track Name: No Division
Last night I met my future self
He was strong and sure and confident
He said everything we've ever done
Has brought us here to this place

Last night I saw myself from years ago
Trying to make sense of the worlds we know
I said what you see as time is just dazzling your eyes
You will see that everything is fine

In the night there's no division
Just reality in full
No more scattered fragments
Just the universal pull to elevate

Last night I saw that I exist outside of time
The presence that is underneath the surface noise
And I don't have to worry so much
Just take it on the rise and just keep rising
Track Name: Levitate
When you don't know what to do and no one's getting through
And the sunlight isn't warm anymore
When there's nothing left to give and you don't know how to live
And your dreamtime isn't safe anymore

Can you listen to what's inside of you
And not keep thinking about the future
And in the silence, do you hear cacophany
Or feel the touch of the biggest mystery

What you don't resist is the world that persists
And your vision's getting clearer now
When you don't expect to gain and you're in the breaking rain
The truth is falling all around you now

Everything you need is in your heart
Everything the world has torn apart
Everything you ever want to be is laying down below the things you see
Track Name: Reach Up
Reach up and grab the sky hovering so low overhead
Or am I up, up so high instead
Covering me
Hovering over me
It's darkening
It's broadening

Don't believe this, know how
Don't repeat this anyhow
The sky opens up so much wider than anything I've ever seen before

Reach up and shout down the sky the only place that I can't go
And all the things that I can never know
Calling to me
Spinning around me
It's brightening
The early morning

Flying out, I'm so much farther than anywhere I've ever been before
Track Name: A Chance for Me to Stay
You won't believe me when I tell you
How hard it's been to say
And the speed that the world keeps spinning
Is increasing everyday
Every time I remember how it used to feel
I can feel the distance in the time
It seems remote to me, the sun's absorbed my energy
I don't think that I used to feel that way

Dreamtime, wide awake, I am the sum of the risks I take
It's all the way down, where I have to go
Meantime it's the world I make, when I don't hesitate
I think there's a chance for me to stay

Looking out at the world through a windshield
I can feel it turn to motion blur
Everything's slowing down before me
And I think there's a chance for me this way
I can turn away from the life that I've known
And find a way to embrace the unknown
As every moment reveals itself to me
All I want is to feel your energy

Beyond the threshold
Beyond a point in time
Beyond that one decision
Is the dividing line